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153 E 110th St., Los Angeles, California 90061
We offer care that helps complete the process of recovery.

Our new recuperative care facility in Los Angeles, California aims to meet the needs of homeless patients. Count on us to provide a supportive environment where people can find refuge and healing.


Our mission is to provide compassionate and caring support to all clients that walk through our doors. Our clients require a place for continued healing yet are not ill enough to require continued hospitalization and/or skilled nursing facility services. We provide a dependable source of non-medical aid and access to resources for primary care, mental health, case management, available benefits, and temporary/permanent housing. Our recuperative care facility is an extension of the continuum of care hospitals and our clients can depend on.


Our vision is to enhance the healthcare experience in our community by providing a brand of care that makes continuous acute or post-acute medical care for the permanently and temporarily homeless. We aim to reduce the risk of readmission, lessen the cost of medical care, and improve patients’ capacity to heal and reorder their lives.

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Golden State Recuperative Care is a Los Angeles based organization and healing center consisting of the most dedicated and skilled staff. With a focus on caring for homeless persons, our team seeks to provide the highest level of services while providing hope, dignity, and equity of care to each client.

Our number one priority is that every client leaves fully recovered with the confidence and information needed to get back on their feet. We not only provide the highest quality of care and wellness services, but we are also committed to bridging community resources and facilitating access to housing options.

Homelessness is the number one barrier to recovery due to a lack of scheduled care and medical resources, sanitary living conditions, and adequate nutrition. It exacerbates health problems and increases the chances of hospital readmission. It is our responsibility to provide the safest healing environment and a road to a promising future, reducing the possibility of future emergency services and hospital readmission’s. Golden State Recuperative Care is redefining the way we care for our homeless clients. Through our unmatched care and services, we empower all of our clients every step of the way, from hospital discharge to full recovery, all in an effort to fight homelessness in California.